Single Face Products

Single Face Products


Single face corrugated is made up of of 2 plys of paper, manufactured in rolls or sheets - with different paper thickness.

Single Face Roll  

A.B.E. Sheets

(A) flute = 3/16" thickness
(B) flute = 1/8" thickness
(E) flute = 1/16" thickness

This product is good for added protection on any type of product.

A.B.E. Sheets  


This product sticks to itself only. - good for custom made bags or pouches to ship books, etc.
It can also be used to protect items such as fixtures and hardware.

Cohesion single face Cohesion Application

Die Cut

We can die cut single face, single wall board, foam, P.G. products - rolls or sheets.

Die Cut Products  

Corrugated Egg Sleeves

This product is made for the egg industry. We can print up to 4 colors in line.

Corrugated Egg Sleeves Egg Sleeve Application