Built Up Corrugated Products

Built Up Corrugated Products

Angle Pads / Corner Pads

Made for vertical and horizontal edge protection - also can be notched for corner protection.
This product comes in different thicknesses and sizes.

Angle Pads Angle Pad applied

Channel Pads

Perfect for doors, tables, etc. - our channel pads can be manufactured to your specifications. This product can be notched or perforated to meet your special needs.

Channel Pad Channel Pad Application

Pyramid Pads

These pads are made from
2 ply - 8 ply in thickness. They can be used for corner protection on any product; wood, metal, plastic, tables, etc. - any corner needing protection.

Pyramid Pads Pyramid Pad Application

Flat Pads

This product is made from
2ply - 20 ply in thickness.
The pad can be sized to your specifications.

Flat Pads